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At Chimera Technologies, career progression is important to us and we want everyone to progress and succeed in their career choices. That is why we offer excellent training throughout our organization, from online technical/non-technical training, through to external training hosted by our accredited training partners. Chimera Technologies also offer a wide range of benefits for all staff that join. Upon joining us you will be enrolled onto our standard benefits, but you will also be given access to our benefits portal where you can select various voluntary benefits.

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A day at Chimera Technogies

No day is the same at Chimera Technologies. Within the ever-evolving IT world, Chimera Technologies are always keeping up to date with the latest technologies. You could be providing support to a customer one day and assigned to a project to help with a deployment the next. Being a managed service provider means that we must be reactive to our customer’s needs. If you like working in a fast-paced, busy environment, then Chimera Technologies is the place for you.

Day in the life – Diana Chance, Site Service Lead

I have been working in my role as Site Service Lead for Chimera Technologies for more than 2 years and within that time my remit has expanded from dealing solely with site-based engineers in Atlanta to also include those based on customer sites in South East regions.

The nature of my role is to manage site-based staff to ensure that we deliver service in line with customer requirements. However, it is also important to ensure that the engineers do not ‘go native’, and that they still feel very much part of Chimera Technologies. That is why it is important within this role to maintain contact, understand what engineers do on a day-to-day basis, and discuss objectives, career progression, and succession planning so they can see future development within Chimera Technologies.

Although the main focus is working with the engineers, it is also important to maintain and build on customer and partner relationships. Therefore, I am expected to attend regular conference calls to discuss service delivery and attend service review meetings on a monthly basis.

Based on the above, I would say that there is no day that is the same working within a service function within Chimera Technologies!

However, I would typically start the day by checking if any engineers have reported a sickness absence, and, if so, would need to liaise with the allocation team to ensure we have sufficient cover. I would then need to update the customer or partner. Next, I would need to check and respond to any email queries that had been sent in overnight. It is important to stay on top of all emails throughout the day as things change very quickly within site services and I need to react to these developments.

Depending on my schedule for the day, I would then work through my task list. The majority of the week would be spent travelling to customers’ sites to attend meetings with the engineers or the customers themselves. There are also certain periods within the month where I would need to check and approve expenses, create service reports, and update trackers in relation to absences and invoice charges.

My role is very varied and is one that I enjoy very much. However, I would not be able to do this without the ongoing support from my engineers and the teams that I work closely with within Chimera Technologies, HR, Allocation, Sales, Sales Support, Service Desk to name just a few.

For those considering a role in Chimera Technologies, it is definitely a company that will challenge you, but also it will help to develop your skills, knowledge, experience and confidence.

Day in the life – Dean Bates, Service Desk Team Leader

A day in the life of an Chimera Technologies service desk agent is a fast-paced, rewarding experience that provides ample challenges as well as opportunities for learning across a wide variety of companies, industries, and technologies.

The first task in the morning is a quick review of any new information or emails sent around in order to catch up on anything that may help inform how the rest of your day will proceed. Immediately following that is usually the 9:00am rush, taking lots of calls from customers with issues ranging from something simple like forgotten passwords, all the way through to critical application failures that need to be diagnosed, escalated, and repaired within very strict timescales

Once the rush has died down a bit, the agents will remain available on their phones but will try to focus on their existing queues for the rest of the day, working on any tickets they already had or that have been assigned to them since their last shift. If assigned the time to do so, they will also complete any training courses set out for them to complete. The call volume usually drops off towards end of day around 5.30pm when the last of us (as some will have started before 9:00am) will attempt to clear as much of the remaining day’s work as possible and contact customers who have not responded to our previous contact attempts.

Day in the life – Michael Day, Technical Lead

I have worked in Lifecycle for more than 7 years and have found that the close-knit team always go above and beyond what is expected of them. The support from management and the possibilities for progression make Lifecycle a team I’m proud to work in.

My typical day in Lifecycle would involve checking in with all engineers first thing in the morning to make sure they have no work-related issues. I will then assist the engineers in whatever capacity is required, whilst also supporting the team in a technical capacity. This role covers all clients based at Lifecycle. Periodically, I will attend meetings and conference calls that cover projects or BAU services.

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Increased awareness of sustainability, combined with the rapid development of both the digital world and our mobile devices, mean that more and more businesses are choosing to invest in cloud computing. Customers can choose whether they require immediate access or can retrieve their data on demand.

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