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A successful cloud solution will be designed to satisfy your business’ requirements. Each business is unique, not just in terms of the product and service they provide, but in how they use their data, manage their IT resources, and the aims and objectives they have for their business.

Different businesses require different types of access to their data, and this access needs to have been tailored to their budget, requirements, and resources. With Chimera Technologies, you have the option of storing your data in a public cloud, a private cloud or, if required, we can design a hybrid cloud solution that combines aspects of both approaches. You will receive a cloud solution that has been specifically designed for your business.

Why do you need a cloud solution?

With the right cloud solution, you can technically have your office with you all the time. Cloud computing allows you to set up and store endless amounts of digital data online, depending on the solution that best suits you and your business. You can store everything from documents through to databases, applications, software, passwords, shared photos or videos, and more.

Increased awareness of sustainability, combined with the rapid development of both the digital world and our mobile devices, mean that more and more businesses are choosing to invest in cloud computing. Customers can choose whether they require immediate access or can retrieve their data on demand.

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What does a successful cloud solution need?

How can we help you?

Our professional team will design a bespoke cloud strategy which is ideal for your business. We will take into consideration the scale, shape, and variability of your workloads.

Our in-house experts may advise you to store your data in either the private or public cloud or, alternatively, we may even recommend a hybrid cloud option which will comprise a mix of both these private and public options.

We have the experience, the skilled personnel, and access to the technologies that are required to give clear strategic advice and deliver advanced cloud programmes.