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Cloud migration is the process of transferring data, applications, or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. There are different kinds of cloud migrations that an organisation can perform. One common model is the transfer of data from a local, on-premises data centre to a public or private cloud.

Why do you need
cloud migration?

To migrate data to a public or private cloud.

To reduce costs. Moving away from a private hosted environment allows you to cut costs and reduce your hardware footprint.

To increase the effectiveness of IT processes.

To enable remote working arrangements. Cloud environments allow employees to remotely access applications and complete their work over the internet.

To provide flexibility and scalability.

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How can we help you?

At Chimera Tech we will support your journey to the cloud by helping you to take a step back and develop the right cloud strategy for your business and goals.

Our skilled personnel will look at your systems and workloads, consider where your cloud journey will eventually take you, and then recommend the right way to get there.

We will work together, applying our experience and technical skills to successfully carry out the migration and move individual workloads to the appropriate cloud platforms.