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A private cloud solution is a dedicated company cloud infrastructure that has tailored to the needs of the business’ users. It can be managed internally or by a third party and hosted either internally or externally. Similarly to a public cloud solution, a private cloud can provide scalability and self-service facilities but with the added security that comes from owning the infrastructure.

Why do you need a private cloud solution?

Many businesses are becoming more aware of the importance of storing their data correctly. Choosing the right cloud strategy ensures that your data is secure and accessible. To protect the privacy of their data, some organisations may choose to store their data on their own private cloud.

These are some of the key benefits of a private cloud solution:


While public cloud solutions are also secure, private clouds take security to the next level, allowing you to have complete control over who can access your data.


Private cloud solutions are completely bespoke and will have been specifically designed to achieve the aims and objectives of the business.


Private clouds are able to take the technical performance requirements of a business into account and can grow organically to accommodate any developments.

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How can we help you?

We have extensive experience in supporting customers and helping them to manage their workloads within their own private cloud. We host services in our own data center or within other leading data centers across the US and provide the level of technical support that our customers need.

Our colocation service allows our customers to build their own, self-managed private cloud platform without needing to develop relationships with connectivity providers or manage data centre infrastructure. Many customers own and manage their own servers and colocate them within our data centre space.

We offer a wide number of data centres to choose from, all of which provide fast and resilient internet connectivity, as well as the infrastructure you’d expect from a modern facility.