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A public cloud solution is a cloud infrastructure that can be used by everyone within a secure environment. Computing services are provided by third-party providers over the public internet, making them accessible to anyone who needs to use or purchase them.
These public cloud solutions may be free or sold on demand, allowing customers to only pay for what they use. This means that customers will be charged for the CPU cycles, storage, or bandwidth that they consume. Well-known public clouds are Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Why do you need a public cloud solution?

Many businesses still require a public cloud to satisfy their aims and objectives. Here are some of the key reasons why an organisation would choose a public cloud solution:

Bespoke requirements

Rapidly growing businesses may find themselves with insufficient bandwidth or unable to manage the increased responsibility of protecting sensitive data if attempting to run their own data centre.

Fast, low-latency connectivity

Dedicated colocation facilities ensure that businesses have access to services that work quickly and effectively and will continue to operate through any crisis or disaster.

No lengthy procurement processes

Public cloud solutions avoid delays caused by waiting for operations to install your operating system, configure and assemble servers, or establish connectivity.

Increased efficiency

Cloud technology allows developers to adopt Agile workflows, significantly reducing lead times when testing and deploying new products or releasing product updates.

Pay-as-you-use pricing

Public clouds require businesses to pay for the resources they use, eliminating wasted spending in the process. Moreover, they can offer the flexibility to scale up or down according to demand.

Lower energy costs

Eliminating the need for internal servers also means eliminating the energy cost that is required to run them.

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