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What is the configuration and integration stage within the device management process?

Configuration and integration refer to the preparation of any device type to your specifications. This service can be rapidly delivered at any scale.

Why do you need configuration and integration?

Preparing a device for use is a complex task. Every device must meet the needs of its user and fully comply with your company. This requires:

Specialist knowledge and equipment, especially if a significant number of devices need to be prepared within a short time frame.

The resources to rapidly build and configure any device to customer specifications, regardless of scale.

Devices that will always meet your specifications.

Specialists to create and deploy images.

Careful configuration of devices to meet users’ needs.

Processes and tooling that allow you to achieve consistent results.

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How can we help you?

Our team of experts can support you every step of the way, whether a single device is required for a new employee or a company-wide technology refresh is taking place. Our experienced device management team will take the units from stock and then build and configure them to your requirements.

Chimera Technologies will design, create, and securely store software images to meet the requirements of the customer, their employees, and the device models selected.

How does it work?

The image, which includes the OS as well as standard applications, is loaded onto the device. The device is then custom configured in line with the type of user and their location, as well as the peripherals and applications that are required. Up-to-date endpoint security is also added in order to meet customer IT security policies.

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