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What is the deployment stage within the device management process?

Deployment ensures that devices get to the right place on time and are immediately ready to use.

Why do you need deployment?

If there’s one thing that will frustrate employees, it’s their devices not being delivered as promised. Even worse, any delay also causes lost productivity for the business. An experienced device deployment team will:

Have a mature logistics capability which ensures that devices get to the right place.

Ensure you receive the device on time.

Make sure that the device is immediately ready to use.

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How can we help you?

Our staff will ‘walk the floors’ and deliver devices to employees while they’re at their desks. While meeting with these employees we will help to familiarize them with their device and will provide training, user manuals, and contact details for our support team. Alternatively, we can also run tech bars within convenient central locations where employees can come and collect their devices.

During the deployment stage we will asset manage the device throughout its journey, updating its record on our configuration management database (CMDB) so that we can inform our customers when it has been despatched, delivered, and received.

Any devices and accessories that we need to pick up and return to our facility are managed using the same approach, with careful planning, asset management, and good communication throughout the process.