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What is the procurement stage within the device management process?

Procurement refers to the cost-effective acquisition of hardware and software devices and accessories in order to meet varied staff requirements

Why do you need procurement?

The tasks that your employees perform, as well as their working practices and status, can vary widely. It’s difficult to select the right combination of device models whilst controlling inventory complexity and costs at the same time.

Here are some of the key benefits of procurement:

Receive the range of devices and accessories that best meet your employees’ requirements.

Receive support for your business’ long-term procurement discipline.

Optimise your purchasing strategy and minimise costs.

Support acquisition through a purchase or leasing scheme.

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How can we help you?

Chimera Technologies has established relationships with all major device vendors. You can specify a preferred vendor, or we can make a recommendation based on your requirements. Devices will be matched to the tasks your employees perform, as well as their working practices and status.

While device choice is unlimited, narrowing the number of models selected has key benefits at later stages in the device management program. Device handling and maintenance is simplified, and fewer images need to be created and kept up to date. These and other benefits lead to cost savings and higher ROI.

Acquisition of devices and accessories can be provided via outright purchase or through a leasing scheme. No matter which approach you choose, our scale and vendor relationships will maximise your purchasing power.

Once ordered, devices and accessories will be delivered to our secure facility, asset managed on our configuration management database, and stored until required.