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What is the retirement stage within the device management process?

Retirement involves the effective planning and implementation of refresh or upgrade programmes for hardware devices such as mobiles, laptops, or tablets.

Why do you need device retirement?

The value that devices can deliver within a business will inevitably decrease over time. More capable devices will be launched, new operating systems (OS) and applications will require more powerful hardware, wear and tear will take its toll, and maintenance will eventually become cost ineffective.

Device retirement allows you to:

Extract all the value from your devices.

Make old devices new.

Ensure data security.

Implement a sustainable solution.

Minimise disruption to employees.

Deliver maximum device ROI.

Dispose of devices professionally.

Implement a certified data destruction process.

Benefit from certified electronic waste disposal.

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Due to these considerations, many customers decide to specify a defined interval period between buying a new device and replacing it. Often, this period is between three and five years.

Whatever the refresh or upgrade program requires, Chimera Technologies has all the resources and processes, as well as the experience of planning and managing countless similar program, to minimize disruption to employees and ensure maximum value is derived from new devices.

Device retirement supports
sustainability and the circular

Sustainability is becoming more and more important for businesses to consider. The way that businesses used to take, make, and dispose of devices at the end of their lives has been economically and environmentally damaging. Embracing a circular economy means securely managing the redeployment of used devices to new users in order to extract their full value.

When someone leaves your organization their devices should not be left unused and unsecured. This approach places your data at risk and wastes the investment that you made on those devices. Instead, it is always worth considering servicing these shelved devices so that they can be put back into use. We support our partners by providing a redeployment service and, if the device is no longer needed within the organization, Chimera Technologies can securely prepare it to be sold to an approved third party.

The device redeployment process

Internal and external redeployment routes start in the same way. Data that must be retained will be copied from the device, encrypted, and securely stored; all data on the device will then be destroyed. To achieve this, RAM and ROM storage will be wiped multiple times and a certificate will be provided to confirm the destruction of the data.

Once the device has been wiped, any damage that has occurred during its working life will be repaired. The device is then packaged and stored ahead of redeployment and its record on our configuration management database (CMDB) will be updated appropriately.

When a new user is found for the redeployed device, the configuration and integration process will start, just as if it were a brand-new device. If there is no longer any use for the device it will be sold to an approved second-hand IT equipment specialist or on the open market and its CMDB entry will be closed. Any money made through the sale will be returned into the service, offsetting its cost.

We are happy to support all our partners with professional, secure, and compliant disposal of electronic waste.