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Read our answers to the questions that our customers often ask us about our services.

What is the difference between private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructure?

  • Private cloud is a dedicated company infrastructure for select business users.
  • Public cloud is a cloud infrastructure that can be used and shared by everyone in a completely secured environment.
  • Hybrid cloud is a combination of both and therefore allows for more flexibility since resources can be used as and when they are needed.

Why would I need colocation?

A colocation is a data center facility that allows a business to rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Usually with colocation you receive access to the building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security, while the client would typically provide servers and storage.

There are several reasons why a business may choose to use colocation as opposed to running their own data center:

  • Capital cost – It is extremely expensive to own and run a data center due to the ongoing maintenance and security requirements associated with managing such a facility.
  • Save money and space – Moving servers and networks to colocation facilities allow businesses and organizations to save money and space within their own premises.
  • Bespoke requirements – Rapidly growing businesses may find themselves with insufficient bandwidth or unable to manage the increased responsibility of protecting sensitive data if attempting to run their own data center.
  • Fast, low-latency connectivity – Dedicated colocation facilities ensure that businesses have access to services that work quickly and effectively and will continue to operate through any crisis or disaster.
  • Disaster recovery – Taking advantage of a disaster recovery (DR) service provides extra security for your business should the worst happen.

How do hosted telephony and unified communications benefit my business over traditional phone systems?

In any small-to-medium-sized business even the slightest cost saving or efficiency boost can make a huge difference. Cloud-based hosted telephony  eliminates many of the practical and technical headaches that plague traditional on-site phone systems. In partnership with IDE you can obtain the benefits of developing and implementing a unified communications strategy for your business through:

  • Improved flexible working practices – The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for cloud-based communication that offers flexible working and can accommodate remote working arrangements for employees who need to remain productive whilst out of the office.
  • Increased productivity A reliable hosted unified communications system that supports and promotes the demands of a mobile workforce, improves access to key employees and increases overall productivity throughout the business.
  • Reduced hardware and call related costsWith no capital outlay, free upgrades, and no hardware to maintain, as well as free local and mobile call options, your business can benefit from significant savings. Plus, with built-in disaster recovery and business continuity features, you’ll be able to keep working during a crisis.
  • Increased availability of communications – The reduction in hardware maintenance costs and increased call routing techniques provide great accessibility for our customers. Never miss a customer call utilizing advanced call routing techniques such as voice mail with email forwarding, call queuing and Huntgroups to minimize wait times, ‘device twinning’ that allows employees to answer calls while away from their desks, and a wealth of call analytics reporting and advanced call routing capabilities. Remember, 85% of people never call back!
  • Unified communications – The integration of telephony with desktop applications provides access to a wide range of potential collaboration tools between employees and customers. Useful features include presence indication to recognize who is available for contact, instant messaging to allow ad-hoc discussion, audio and video conferencing to increase efficiency and reduce travel time/costs, and call integration with your favorite customer relationship management applications so that employees have instant access to customer information when they receive a call.
  • Fully managed services from Chimera Technologies – Our managed services provide access to a wealth of technical support personnel who are highly-familiar with voice-calling, Microsoft applications, cloud-based operations, as well as complete US-based geographical engineering and quality business strategy consultants. We can take your business requirements and create and implement a single unified communications strategy that is tailored to your business demands for the next three years and beyond.
  • Fully workable solutions today – Chimera Technologies provides more than just words and can provide you with a total demonstration of ‘Unified Communications at Work’, fueling your imagination and helping your business aspirations to become a reality so that you can gain a key business advantage over your competitors.