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If your on-site technical assistance is currently limited, our team of US -based field engineers can help you to extend your national reach. Chimera Technologies smart hands engineers provide assistance with deployment, installations, troubleshooting, testing, and hardware replacements at your remote sites or data center’s.

Why do you need field and smart hands services?

Here are some of the key benefits of field and smart hands services:

Nationwide coverage.

Reduced IT costs for everyday duties.

Rapid response from experienced technicians and engineers when and where needed.

One point of contact.

Disaster recovery

Avoids the risk of damages caused to your IT equipment from inexperienced employees.

Contact Chimera Technologies

Call 844 484 3762 or email to discuss your managed IT requirements with a member of our team. We’re always happy to answer any questions.

How can we help you?

Chimera Technologies maintains a nationwide team of directly employed, highly skilled field engineers who provide efficient and effective on-site resolutions to complex technical challenges.

When complex IT environments fail it sometimes takes a pair of skilled eyes and hands to be physically present in order to deliver a suitable solution. Many companies won’t want to permanently employ a member of staff in this role but will still require a fast resolution when an incident occurs.

We employ highly skilled IT engineers, located throughout the US, who can rapidly deploy to customer sites. The team incorporates a wide range of technical skills and vendor accreditations and some have been security cleared to work on sensitive military and government projects.

Our engineers provide rapid support, anywhere in the country. When an issue is identified that requires an engineer on site, we use our specialist incident deployment solution to identify the nearest, appropriately skilled engineer, notify them of the issue, and dispatch them to your business. Our field service SLAs start from a 4-hour on-site fix.

Thanks to our partnership with one of the US’s leading IT logistics companies, pre-identified parts will be dispatched at the same time as the engineer. Where parts are not identifiable in advance, the engineer attending the site will define what is needed. Parts can then be rapidly ordered and dispatched, with same-day delivery available in many cases.

Chimera Technologies field engineers are also available to deliver one-off scheduled programs of work such as company-wide OS migration projects or high-volume device roll outs.

We have extensive experience delivering on-site technical resources within challenging customer environments. Our ongoing investment in training, logistics, and infrastructure ensures we provide the rapid, first-time solutions you require.