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More and more businesses are embracing the tech bar model to provide on-site user IT support and offer employees consumer-like convenience when resolving IT issues. Employees often require immediate attention for their problems and this approach allows them to have their laptop or other portable device looked at quickly and efficiently within a designated location.

Why do you need tech bars and on-site resources?

Some issues require physical rather than remote technical support. This makes it necessary to provide employees and users with access to IT support staff so that they have an alternative approach that doesn’t just involve speaking to someone over the phone or via email.

Some of the key benefits of providing a tech bar include:

A quick turnaround can be achieved whilst still providing quality levels of service.

Issues can be resolved at a time that is convenient for employees and users.

Reduced downtime and improved response times can increase employee satisfaction.

Support can be provided outside of regular working hours.

The first-time fix rate for issues can be improved.

Direct help and advice can be provided within your premises.

52-week cover can be provided to take care of holidays and other absences.

Tech bars can be tailored to specific requirements. For example, they can be provided once a week or once a month at different locations nationwide.

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How can we help you?

When you invest in our tech bars and other on-site resources, we provide the skilled technical staff that your business requires and deliver your chosen service within your desired location. Attempting to recruit and retain the technical skills that your business needs in house instead is likely to present a huge challenge.

Our services are perfect for customers who want an on-site IT resource that will support their employees, but don’t want the responsibility of recruiting and employing the talent they need in house. At Chimera Technologies, we provide the skilled staff you need while also spending considerable time ensuring that they are the correct cultural fit within your company.

By leveraging our deep pool of talent, you gain the IT resources you need and ensure that they will be delivered by people who you’ll get to know and can easily speak face to face with. We will manage recruitment and training and will ensure adequate cover during employee sickness or holidays. Technical skills are in short supply, training is expensive, and an in-house approach would require cover for a wide range of complex issues and systems throughout the year.

We can rapidly scale our on-site resources to suit your changing needs, drawing on our US-based team of field engineers and providing senior specialist personnel who can be deployed to your site to resolve even the most challenging issues.

Chimera Technologies has been delivering technical resources within customer sites for many years. We have a long-serving and stable team, supported by mature processes that are fully ISO accredited and conform to ITIL standards.