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Threat protection refers to a category of security solutions that defend against malware or hacking-based attacks that target your company’s data. Advanced threat protection solutions have a set of endpoint agents, email gateways, malware protection systems, network devices, email gateways, and a centralized management console that connects alerts and manages suitable defenses.

Why do you need threat protection?

Chimera Technologies wants to help our clients reduce the risk that traditional security offerings can’t prevent. Here are some of the key benefits of threat protection:

To protect yourself against identity theft

Identity theft is the fastest-growing type of crime and it has become a threat to businesses.

To keep your information safe

Users’ credentials can often be weak and vulnerable. As a result, they provide an easy target for hackers.

To look after your business

31% of targeted attacks are aimed at small and medium businesses.

To implement key security elements

Businesses are vulnerable without measures such as anti-virus systems and advanced firewalls in place.

To protect passwords

Password theft is constantly growing as hackers embrace methods such as keylogging and phishing.

To make sure your business is secure

Cybercriminals steal and destroy data, change programs or services, or use servers to send spam, or malicious code.

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How can we help you?

At Chimera Technologies we can provide you with next-generation threat protection that is capable of stopping threats before they can impact your business. Many companies have invested in big-brand endpoint security, only to find that these solutions are not as effective when a major new attack is released. We provide our customers with the best in the next generation of endpoint and threat protection.

In addition to providing an integrated suite of industry-leading anti-virus, host intrusion and prevention, firewall, and advanced persistent threat protection, our solution takes advantage of forensics and behavioral analytics, monitoring the endpoint’s status and analyzing traffic in real time. This enables sophisticated report production, automated risk mitigation, and remediation.

Advanced, risk-based insight can be delivered to our security specialists who will then communicate the issue to customers as soon as it happens, as well as providing timely advice that may be followed to achieve effective threat management and risk mitigation.

Our endpoint security solution covers all devices, including mobile phones, and is licensed on a cost-competitive, highly scalable, per device basis. It can be purchased as a standalone service or as a component of a broader security and device lifecycle management solution.