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Modern working practices have been enabled by access to the internet. Your business must provide fast and reliable connectivity wherever it’s needed, without exposing the integrity of your systems and data to security risks.

The difference between Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity is simple – LAN connectivity links devices within a short geographical area, whilst WAN connectivity links multiple LANs together over larger areas.

Combining LAN and wireless connectivity provides the foundation for excellent IT infrastructure, creating a backbone for all local services with ample bandwidth and solid design practices and ensuring a good end user experience.

Why do you need LAN/WAN and wireless connectivity?

Here are some of the key benefits of wireless LAN and WAN connectivity:

Fast and secure connectivity when needed

Highly experienced design and implementation team

Mature and sophisticated monitoring and support

Single, integrated networking solution

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How can we help you?

We are proud to have vast experience in the design and deployment of LANs and wireless networks. Our team achieves maximum performance, securing the availability of mission-critical services and consulting with customers and facilities managers to scope, design, and install new office networks; the team is also able to cost-effectively refresh and upgrade existing infrastructure.

Chimera Technologies has extensive experience deploying wired and wireless access points, including within public places. While we are accredited with major network vendor partners such as Cisco, we are vendor agnostic and will only recommend the right equipment for the task.

Our considerate design practices place security and scalability at the center of the networks we create. Understanding the role that WANs play within the larger topology of the network allows us to advise customers on how best to deploy and install a safe LAN environment.

We also have highly mature and comprehensive LAN monitoring and management capabilities, including a US-wide field engineering team, enabling our customers to outsource the management of their entire office to a highly experienced and capable provider throughout its lifecycle.

Our own private high-speed network is central to many of our services and is at the core of our WAN offering. We provide the best available connection between customer data centers and office locations and, to ensure resilience and high service levels, we also provide mature WAN monitoring and management capabilities.

Customers who choose us to design, implement, support, and manage their LAN and WAN, receive a single, integrated networking and communication solution that works seamlessly with other managed services supplied by Chimera Technologies.